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若き音楽家を育てる会 主宰 上田 幸伺

Me and music...

My first encounter with music was in the first grade of elementary school, when my homeroom teacher played the organ and let us listen to various melodies of music, such as "Mori no Kajiya," "Hakucho," and "Toy Symphony”. The quality of culture is the most important element of a country's people. In a world of instantaneous information, the quality of culture indicates the value and pride of a country's people. Music is a representative of popular culture, and as a necessary part of life, it gives hope, courage, and healing to people's hearts. In Japan, this fact is still unrecognized, and we would like to continue to support the activities of young musicians who are striving day and night to make music their bread and butter for life.

October 2020

Ueda Koji 

President of the Association for the Education of Young Musicians


Association for the Education of Young Musicians

GALIAS partner since 2020


Address 2-4-1-305, Todaijima, Urayasu city, Chiba Pref. Japan 


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